Tax Advice

Puyol Asesores y Abogados is an office specialised in tax advice, understanding the fiscal and accounting reality in which you fend, offering advice services to companies and individuals in order to optimise the settlement of taxes, both on the local as well as state level.

We offer tax advice services regarding the taxes which individuals as well as legal entities are obliged to pay.

We make a global analysis of the taxes that your company or you as an individual pay annually in order to identify possible improvements, tax burdens reductions, streamlining and maximization of savings.

We know by heart the situation of the Spanish tax system and how it works for individuals and companies, what make us able to develop our labour as a comprehensive legal advice and consulting company.

We will advise you in all the fiscal aspects that may affect you regarding Income Tax, Value-added Tax, Corporation Tax, Tax on Inheritances and Gifts, Tax on Capital Transfer and Documented Legal Acts, Business Activities Tax, Capital Gains, etc.

We also offer tax advice services to entrepreneurs who need information and guidance about the taxes which they are obliged to pay when to constitute a company, tax exemptions, tax benefits, etc. Everything is aimed at reducing costs and expenses and comply with the law and the corresponding tax obligations in each case.

We are especially active in international taxation, advising on foreign investments or to foreign investors in Spain, cooperating in cross-border operational projects, transfer prices and entailed operations.

Tax advisors in Puyol Asesores y Abogados are backed up by more than 40 years of experience and they will contribute in your company expense savings, thanks to the global vision they have on taxes.

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we offer a variety of services, such as:

    • Study of background and update of the company tax situation.
    • Presentation of Income Tax Return.
    • Preparation and presentation of monthly, quarterly and annual taxes (VAT, PIT, Corporate Tax).
    • Withholdings, Payment on Account of Taxes.
    • Register in ROI – Intra-community operations –
    • Transactions with arbitrators.
    • Obtaining of the digital certificate before The Fabrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre.
    • Liquidation of PIT payments by installment.
    • Telematic submission.
    • Preparation of Declarations:
      • Declarations of assets.
      • Non-resident income tax.
      • Corporate tax.
      • Liquidation of the Tax on Inheritances and Gifts.
      • Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts.
      • Register and submission of Business activities tax.
      • Local Taxes (Real Estate Tax –IBI-, Tax on Economic Activities –IAE-, Capital Gains, etc.).
    • Obtaining of the Foreign Resident Identification Number (NIE).
    • Obtaining of the Tax Identification Number (NIF).
    • Submission and processing of documents before the Tax Agency.
    • Situation in the list: register, removal or modification in the list of compulsory tax payers.
    • Application for subsidies before official bodies.
    • Complaints and appeals before the different public administrations, using administrative, economic administrative channels.
    • Assistance, Defense and Representation before Inspections, Requirements, Verifications and Liquidations of the Tax Agency.
    • Postponement and division of large cash debts with the Tax Office.
    • Application for Unduly Paid Taxes.
    • Tax Procedures: Judicial procedures using judiciary channels.
    • Fiscal Planning.
    • Advice on Companies Formation.
    • Advice for business groups.
    • Corporate Restructuring Operations. [/one_half_last]

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