Labour Law Services

Puyol Asesores y Abogados offers comprehensive labour law service to guide companies, self-employed and hired hand in matters of labour.

Our labour law service is complemented by carrying out administrative management of, among others, salaries, acquittances and employment contracts, general advice, Social Security proceedings, as well as time off sick, inability to work, maternity leave and retirement.

We are specialists in consultancy in labour matters. We accelerate all the legal procedures and facilitate the management and administration of documents and other legal requirements.

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Comprehensive advice to companies and self-employees in compliance with current labour law.
  • Labour Consultants:
    • Study of labour costs.
    • Labour hiring and special labour conditions.
    • Making and management of payslips, social security, certificates, contracts, acquittances, rewards, etc.
    • Verification/calculation of the Personal Income Tax in salaries.
    • Arrangements before public bodies (Social Security, National Institute of Social Insurance (INSS), Tax Agency, labour inspections…).
    • Verification/calculation of salary seizures.
    • Benefits: Inability to work, retirement and other Social Security benefits (Maternity, Widow’s pension, Orphanhood, etc.).
    • Formalisation of injury leave or sick leave notices.
    • Actions regarding the administration as: fines, debts, quantity claims of any nature due to services provided.
    • Appeals before Official Bodies.
    • Study and design of Top Management Contracts.
    • Companies creations and Registration with Social Security for Companies.
    • Affiliation to the Self-Employed Special System.
    • Workers’ Enrollment, disenrollment, data modification, contracts, contracts extensions and acquitances.
    • Special systems: Enrollment, disenrollment, substantial modification of self-employed working conditions, Homemakers, Agrarian Workers, etc.
    • Calculation, management and submission of PIT withholdings: Quarter tax return (Model 111), Annual summary (Model 190), withholding certificates and communication of data to the payer.
    • Rewards and subsidies for hiring.
    • Assistance and representation before labour and Social Security inspections.
    • Suspensions, dismissals and sanctions of individual labour relationship between workers and employer, as much in objective causes as disciplinary causes.
  • Labour Advice
    • Advice in matters of Social Security contribution and information about incentives or benefits which can be applied due to hiring.
    • Advice on workers’ specific situations (maternity/paternity, leave of absence, measures on family or work life conciliation, etc.)
  • Labour Lawsuit
    • Assistance and representation before the Centre for Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation (CMAC).
    • Representation of conciliations and dismissal acts in courts.
    • Assistance and representation before Labour Court and High Court of Justice.
    • FOGASA

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