Puyol Asesores y Abogados provides comprehensive and effective prosecution and defence, intervening in any situation whether you wish to exercise criminal proceedings against someone defending your rights and interests, or if you are being investigated or reported in an already open judicial procedure.

We provide advice and assistance before court in every stage of the criminal procedure (preliminary investigation, oral trial, appeal, cassation, etc.) and before any court (Magistrate’s Court, Criminal Court, Provincial Courts, High Courts of Justice, Supreme Court or Constitutional Court), regarding any kind of trials and criminal procedures (speedy trials, misdemeanors, summary trials…) and in any type of investigation proceedings (political or judicial statements, prisoner’s assistance, identity parades…).

We can highlight investigations developed by Crown Prosecution Service, fundamentally before Prosecuting Attorney of Financial Crimes, Environment Crimes, workplace accidents and Special Prosecution’s Office for Corruption as well as we are appropriately entitled to practise before Minor’s Jurisdiction (Public Prosecutor’s Office and before Juvenile Court), on which cause we can provide precise assistance to minors when they intervene in incidents which may constitute a criminal infraction.

We advise you in a pre-procedural defense, with the purpose of reducing the risks that public inquiries might produce: interventions developed, among other institutions, by Tax Administration National Agency (AEAT in Spanish), labour law authorities, National Securities Market Commission (CNMV in Spanish) or Bank of Spain, among others.

As scope of speciality, we can highlight, among other areas:

  • Economic Crimes: Misappropriation, Fraud, Steal, Money Laundering, Forgery, Fraudulent Conveyance or Crimes Against Internal Revenue Service.
  • Corruption Related Crimes: Perversion of Justice, Influence Trafficking, Bribery, Embezzlement, Fraud.
  • Societal Crimes – Criminal Law for Companies: Unfair administration, Falsified Financial Statements, Imposition of Abusive Agreements by Majority, Adoption of Measures by Fictious Majority and Rejection of Associates’ Rights.
  • Land Use, Environmental and Area Order crimes.
  • Crimes against people, their freedom, honor, privacy and moral integrity.
  • Other Crimes: Blood alcohol test, Bodily harm, Public health, threats and coercion.

Criminal liability of legal entities

In 2015, an important remodelling was introduce in our Criminal Code by which companies are turned automatically into immediate subjects of Criminal Law, that is, they are susceptible to commit a crime, and therefore, penalised with sentences covered by the Code, with a different and separate nature that the ones that can be lodged to its administrators, legal representatives or employees.

In the interest of avoiding committing a crime by our companies – clients, Puyol Asesores y Abogados has designed a Regulatory Compliance Programme designated for companies which analyses the risks, prevention protocols and implementation of measures that guarantee the effective compliance of the new legal obligations by companies.

Likewise, we are specialised in the advice and judicial defense of mercantile societies in the event that criminal liability of the legal entity may be declared.

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