In the fiscal area, Puyol Asesores y Abogados offers fiscal advice services for all kind of products and transactions to Spanish and foreign companies, multinational business groups and individuals with the purpose of providing goal-oriented and personalised solutions in order to optimise taxation.

We have wide experience giving advice in all types of fiscal matters, from heritage tax planning to litigious taxation, by way of general taxation for companies and individuals, highlighting indirect taxation.

We are especially active in international taxation, advising on foreign investments or to foreign investors in Spain, cooperating in cross-border operational projects, transfer prices and entailed operations.

Heritage tax Planning “Private Client”

 We manage in a comprehensive way the patrimony of individuals and their families in the wide field of legal subjects which the financial-fiscal and societal areas consider, covering their planning and fiscal advice through the design of tax efficient structures and operations with the objective of reducing their tax burden and cooperate in the preservation, growing and assurance of your legacy for future generations.

General taxation for companies and individuals 

  • General Taxation for Companies: Advising in the day-to-day of companies and other corporate bodies, and offering fiscal planning in mergers, acquisitions and reorganisations; fiscal aspects of transactions.
  • Indirect Taxation: We offer advice in matters of indirect taxes as well as Value Added Tax and Tax on Capital Transfers and Documented Legal Acts, customs and special taxes. We also offer advice in local taxation and all those specific taxes in legalized sectors.
  • Local Taxes: Advice in matters of local taxes, privative using taxes and service rates. We offer assistance in inspections, complaints and contestation of property tax values and property value reports.
  • Advice in matters of related party transactions.

 Litigious Taxation

 We offer advice in management, collection, disciplinary and tax inspection proceedings.

We file claims before administrative courts as well as urge judiciary proceedings, Government inherited property files as well as proceedings in matters of tax crime.