In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we count on specific knowledge regarding the legal aspects which must be considered in purchases and acquisitions, as well is Real Estate financing projects and granting of guarantees.

We are aware that real-estate trading procedures intertwine many legal areas. Therefore, beign a multidisciplinary office, we complement our sectorial experience with the advice on the rest of legal specialities that may be affected (Fiscal, Labour Law, Urban Planning, Environmental, etc.).

Our Advising is comprehensive and total, starting with a viability study of the operation, not only from a transactional point of view but also in every single legal aspect that the operation may imply and finalises with the satisfaction of all our legal services demanded by our client.

On the other hand, we advise and assume qualified management of all types of procedures derived from rental, being able to prepare and/or revise all type of main house, seasonal or premises rental agreements.

In addition, we revise the validity of all kind of letters and recorded faxes sent by leaseholders, lessors or managers, avoiding repercussions, rental increases or reparations not settled by law.

In Litigious cases, urging and defending tenants and homeowners’ interests in all kinds of judicial proceedings, such as evictions, complaints about rents, unauthorised subleases, subrogations…

Lawyers who integrate this area not only intervene in rentals but also in the cases in which the house is occupied as its owner and actions must be taken before resident’s associations or other neighbours. We attend to all type of homeowners’ meetings and take care of impugn all those community agreements contrary to the statutes and Horizontal Property Act (defects in announcements or agreements, non-proceeding works, apportionment inadmissibility, etc.). Furthermore, we also take care of defending and carrying out agreements taken by Residents’ Association Committees (debtor neighbours complaints, noisy activities by neighbours, etc.)

In this sense we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Comprehensive advice in Estate Buying and Selling proceedings.
  • Evictions due to unpaid rental.
  • Evictions due to end of contract or unauthorised activities.
  • Evictions due to adverse possession.
  • Actions in complaints about unpaid rents or imperfections in the house.
  • Actions for the reimbursement of rental deposits.
  • Actions in urban lease resolutions because of contract unfulfillment.
  • Communications between lessors and lessees.
  • Vices and defects compensations.
  • Legal Defense of the resident’s association.
  • Association fees and extraordinary apportionments complaints.
  • Communal agreements contestation.
  • Drafting of Resident’s association statutes
  • Declaration of new works and horizontal property.
  • Works legalisation
  • Land register and Incorporation adjustments.
  • Smallholdings Division, Segregation and Grouping.

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