Arrangement with Creditors

The Arrangement with Creditors is conceived as a legal instrument destined to solve the problems of the businessman who is in economic difficulties and cannot attend to the payment of his debts.

At Puyol Asesores y Abogados we consider that the economic difficulties of the clients who request our advice should not be an obstacle to start an Arrangement with Creditors procedure and we are experts who are familiar with the wide casuistry that arises in Arrangement with Creditors, Arrangement with Creditors previous, negotiation with creditors, release and postponement, defense of viability and, where appropriate, orderly liquidation.

Second Chance

The Second Chance mechanism is a legal resource that helps freelancers and individuals to cancel their debts. Its objective is that overindebted people can resort to the cancellation of their debts by Law.

Therefore, from our office we help welcome you to the Second Chance mechanism.

Business and Debt Restructuring Operations

Once we analyze the reality of corporate heritage, we try to diversify the risks if there are different businesses within a Company, performing actions from the commercial legal point of view (mergers, split and exchanges, basically), economic and financial, labor (ERES and labor protocols).

Likewise, at Puyol Asesores y Abogados we advise our clients to achieve a global solution for their bank debt, in complex processes, with multiple financial entities and sometimes heterogeneous initial positions.

It is essential to have an expert financial advisor who knows how they are developed, what objectives are achievable, who has good knowledge and access to financial institutions, and who is recognized by them as a valid interlocutor.

The key phases of this restoration of its debt is based on (i) study of the initial situation of the company and its indebtedness; (ii) preparation of the feasibility plan; (iii) Design of the refinancing proposal; (iv) presentation and negotiation with financial entities until (v) the closing of the operation with them.