Financial Advice

Puyol Asesores y Abogados offers practical financial advice both from business perspective and individual viewpoint.

It is quotidian to use external resources which can guarantee the viability of the operations and investments that we make. To that end, it is necessary to have advice from a neutral and independent perspective regarding the entities that provide funding in order to get the best option for our client.

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Analysis of the launch of a new client’s the company activities.
  • Analysis, selection and approach to subsidies to support the launch of a new client’s company activities.
  • Preparation of information and accounting documentation for the request of loans and subsidies.
  • Collaboration, information and processing of all types of loans (financed or not) in order to improve investment.
  • Obtaining of mortgages and funding.
  • Shares buying and selling.
  • Refinancing operations through real and personal guarantees.
  • Approach and Advice on pension plans, retirement and related issues.
  • Advice and management of insurances as well as equity, financial and estate investments.
  • Continuous monitoring of the company activities in order to determine the best financial strategies that are the most appropriate legally.
  • Analysis of the investments which our clients expect to carry out in order to locate, negotiate and obtain the best subsidy for each type of investment.

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