Accounting Advice

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados, our objective is to provide solutions in matters of accounting as well as to elaborate and legalise your accounting statements as stated by current regulations, advising according to each company’s needs, their accounting close and optimising their tax profits.

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Accounting Advice.
  • Accounting Management
    • Official Accounting according to General Chart of Accounts.
    • Preparation of Accounting and Financial Statements.
    • Preparation and legalization of General Ledgers.
    • Guardianship and custody of accounting documents (invoices, ledger, Annual Accounts…).
    • Oficial Accounting Close, optimising Tax Profit.
    • Viability Analysis.
    • Management of book entries, tax year opening and close.
    • Submission of ledgers and annual accounting.
    • Deposit of Annual Accountings in the Public Registry of Commerce.
    • Processing of Electronic Invoices before Public Administration (Factura-e).
  • Financial Accounting
    • Financial and Costs analysis.
    • Thorough Analysis of Balance.
  • Production of Accounting Reports and of the real economic, asset and financial situation.

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