Puyol Asesores y Abogados provides comprehensive legal advice, even before its formation, totally adapted to the legal status that best suits your interests, either commercial enterprises, Ltd., Co. or any other type of association (Civil Society, Temporary Consortium, Joint Venture).

From the very moment in which you desire to purchase or build a society, we will plan how the society will work and how its government agency will act before its own associates and third parties (by means of clear and concise statutes), passing through adequate planning and societal restructuring (capital increase, capital reduction, merges, demergers, etc.) in order to optimise costs.

Furthermore, in the area of family business we take care of composing family protocols in order to guarantee the continuity of the company. For this, we look for the best option from a fiscal point of view, evaluating the different alternatives and advantages to reduce, if possible and legal, the tax burden in Income Tax and Corporate Tax.

If you are an associate or shareholder, we can also represent and assist you in General Meetings of Associates and Shareholders and, if appropriate, even impugn bylaws contrary to the legal system before Mercantile Court.

Criminal Liability of legal entities

 In 2015, an important remodelling was introduce in our Criminal Code by which companies are turned automatically into immediate subjects of Criminal Law, that is, they are susceptible to commit a crime, and therefore, penalised with sentences covered by the Code, with a different and separate nature that the ones that can be lodged to its administrators, legal representatives or employees.

In the interest of avoiding committing a crime by our companies – clients, Puyol Asesores y Abogados has designed a Regulatory Compliance Programme designated for companies which analyses the risks, prevention protocols and implementation of measures that guarantee the effective compliance of the new legal obligations by companies.

Likewise, we are specialised in the advice and judicial defense of mercantile societies in the event that criminal liability of the legal entity may be declared.

 In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we offer a variety of services, such as:

  • Formation of Societies, Capital Increase and Reduction.
  • Merges, Demergers, Dissolution and Closing of Societies.
  • Reorganisation of Societies: Holding Formation and Social Transformation.
  • Shares and stocks Buying and Selling,
  • Bylaws Modification.
  • Keeping of Company Secretary.
  • Societal Purchases. Advice in societies buying and selling and preparation of due diligences.
  • Advice on announcements for Boards and Minutes.
  • Negotiation and Refinancing of Debts.
  • Joint Venture
  • Actions of Responsibility Against Administrators or Boards of Directors.
  • Composing and implementation of Family Protocols.
  • Attendance to all kind of General Meetings of Shareholders.
  • Contestation of Social Agreements.
  • Defense of common interests and minority associates’ rights.
  • Compliance

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