Civil and Commercial

In Puyol Asesores y Abogados we are specialist in preventive advice and representing our clients in civil and commercial procedures in all their appeals, stages and proceedings before national Courts of Law.

We are specialised in the following areas:

  • Civil and Commercial contracts
    • Urban and condominium leases.
    • General contracting agreements.
    • Complaints on abusive clauses.
    • Agency, distribution, license and franchise contracts.
    • End and cancelation of contracts proceedings.
    • Validity, interpretation and realization of civil and commercial contracts proceedings.
    • Property, transmission and administration of real estate.
    • Claims for quantum merit.
  • Family Proceedings
    • Disablements and guardian designation.
    • Filiation, Paternity, Maternity.
    • Separation, Divorce and Nullity.
    • Legal Guardianship.
    • Alimony and Palimony.
    • Children Restitution and Adoption.
  • Succession Proceedings
    • Inheritance Legal Division.
    • Intervention of the Hereditary Wealth.
    • Management of the Hereditary Wealth.
    • Liquidation of Marital Property System.
    • Determination and Incorporation of the Hereditary Wealth.
    • Contestation of testamentary inheritance partitions.
  • Contractual and Extracontractual Responsibility
  • Societal Conflicts.
    • Conflicts between stockholders.
    • Realization of paracorporate agreements.
    • Acts of social responsibility against administrators.
    • Impugnation of Social Agreements and Board of Directors’ decisions.
  • Realization Proceedings
    • Foreclosure of foreign legal and arbitral ruling in Spain.
    • Enforcement of personal and real Guarantees.
    • Bills of exchange, Cheques and Promissory Notes.
    • Court Orders.
    • Payment and Exchange Procedure.

In addition to our intervention in defense of our clients before Courts of Law, our sphere of action includes:

  • Drafting of all types of contracts (deposits, rentals, agency, distribution contracts, franchise buying and selling agreement contracts, loans…). Contracts that will be adjusted to the will agreed between the parties, ensuring their validity by means of a clear and detailed drafting, which will impede interpretation errors.
  • Issuance of reports and legal opinion about potentially litigious civil and commercial issues.
  • Realization of preventive analysis in order to identify and avoid possible legal risks. Moreover, we design and execute the most adequate pre-litigious and litigious strategies in accordance with the defense of our clients’ interests.

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